henryMy name is Henry, I am a Barcelona based digital designer with 10 years plus of experience working in the design world in many different guises. As well as designing I love drawing and painting and I do that in my spare time- you can see some of that stuff on my alter-egos site: www.helmetgirl.co.uk.

I specialise in the pretty pixels and vectors side of things. I create User Interfaces for web, mobile and tablets and games, diving into the details that often makes the difference to a great design and UI. Often I will find use for my illustration skills when designing and a custom designed icon or element can really lift a project and make it special!

Most of my work starts with pen and paper and finishes with one of the Adobe tools. My favourite is Illustrator and basically all my illustrations starts there. Then sometimes I will give it a whirl in Photoshop to finish it or import to Flash or After Effects for animating.

Currently I am self employed and always interested in new projects. Wether you have a job that needs doing or you are a developer or designer looking for someone to collaborate with- feel free to get in touch! I have a decent network of other creatives -but always keen to extend it- so I can help you out with both big and small projects. Use the contact page or drop me an email at hello@henrymadsen.com if you want an informal quote or just want to say hi!